About the Kincaid Clan

Our Kincaid Legacy Racing Logo

Our modified Kincaid Clan Logo honors Richard's mother who passed away last October at the age of almost 99. She was a Kincaid.

We took care of her for the last 3 years and will continue to live in her house on lovely Marrowstone Island overlooking Puget Sound.

Ancient Kincaid Tartan

The Kincaid Castle (Hotel) near Glasgow Scotland

We stayed there when we visited in 2004. The building dates to 1570 but the prior house dates to the 11th Century.

About Us

Our Motorcycle Clubs

We race Vintage and Modern bikes with AHRMA.

We ride and share wrenching bikes with WVM.

Races this year

Check out the list of our planned AHRMA races this year.

We are a proud sponsor of the 250GP Class in 2018.

Why We Do It

We like being focused in the moment while racing, the technical and physical challenges along the way, and continuously improving our riding skills. We highly recommend Total Control Schools.

Planned 2018 Races

Hallett OK - April 20-22

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit is 1.8 miles long with 10 turns. It is located 35 miles west of Tulsa, OK.

Willow Springs CA - April 27-29

Willow Springs International Raceway is 2.5 miles long with 9 turns. It is located 6 miles west of Rosamond, CA.

Gingerman MI - June 1-3

Gingerman Raceway is 2.14 miles long with 12 turns. It is located 6.4 miles east of South Haven, MI.

Road America WI - June 8-10

Road America is 4.02 miles long with 14 turns. It is located 56 miles north of Milwaukee, WI.

UMC UT - Aug 31-Sept 2

Utah Motorsports Campus (was called Miller) east track is about 2.2 miles long with 13 turns. It is located 26 miles west of Salt Lake City, UT.

Barber AL - Oct 4-7

Barber Motorsports Park is 2.38 miles long with 17 turns. It is located 11 miles east of Birmingham, AL.

Our Bikes Sorted by Year (Page 1 of 3)

1961 Honda CB77 Superhawk 305 Street Bike

Runs faster than its brakes...

1966 Honda CB160 Race Bike

This bike was the first CB160 raced on the West Coast. Richard will be racing it.

1968 Honda CB175 Race Bike

This pretty bike was custom built for Becky's 60th birthday.

1969 Honda CB160 Street Bike

This bike is Becky's newest street bike, ready for the Tiddler Ride.

1970 Honda CL70 Pit Bike (Street Legal)

This museum quality bike spent most of its life on the back of an RV.

1970 Honda CT70 Pit Bike

This was a barn find on Marrowstone Island. We discovered a warehouse of CT70 parts on our island. It has the rare 4 speed manual transmission.

Our Bikes Sorted by Year (Page 2 of 3)

1971 Honda CB350 was Race Bike, becoming Cafe Street Racer

This was Becky's and later Richard's first race bike. The engine broke at Road America in 2016 and has been fixed.

1987 BMW K100RS Street Bike

This fun bike has been well maintained with EU BMW options.

1999 Suzuki SV650 Race Bike

Becky's Sound of Thunder 3 race bike has a Gen 1 frame has a Gen 2 engine.

2002 BMW K1200RS Street Bike

This bike was Becky's 50th birthday present. Fast, smooth, quiet. Long distance sport tourer.

2005 BMW R1200RT Street Bike

Richard's long distance sports touring bike with luggage capacity and ham radio.

2011 Ural Patrol 2WD Sidecar

In Washington you need to take a riding class and pass riding and written tests to get a sidecar endorsement. Considering that driving a sidecar is VERY different than riding a motorcycle, other states should do the same. We have Gerbing heated gear for all weather and all road condition use.

Our Bikes Sorted by Year (Page 3 of 3)

2013 Brammo Electric Empulse R Street Bike

Quick and Quiet. This bike provides fun street seat time to practice for racing. It had been raced but is now fully converted for street use. This bike has a 115v Lithium Ion battery pack providing up to 150 miles in city traffic (regenerative braking) or 70 miles at 70 mph.

2014 Brammo Electric Empulse R Race Bike

QUICK and QUIET. This bike was owned by the Director of Product Development at Brammo near Ashland, OR. It had a lot of upgrades including a rapid charger. We added a full fairing. We now have a full Diagnostic Service Laptop. Brammo motorcycles were sold to Victory in 2015 with a parent owner of Polaris who stopped production of this motorcycle in 2016. At full throttle race speeds the mileage is about 18 miles.

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Vintage and Modern Motorcycling

Richard Illman and Becky Baker-Illman

2800 East Marrowstone Road, Nordland, WA 98358


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