Richard 73x


I had fun on the little 1972 Honda CB350 up to 95mph.

The disc brake has been replaced with a drum brake for the 2012 AHRMA rules.

I got my racing license at Grattan on April 7, 2012

My first race was at Talladega Gran Prix track in Alabama on May 5,6

I got a 7th place on Saturday and a 4th place on Sunday

The speedometer broke but that was a good thing. Just me and the track...

The orange T shirt indicates to other riders that I am a novice.

I raced at the long Road America track June 9,10, with a higher (too high) gear ratio.

Almost stalled at both starts (engaged clutch too fast) but made lemonade out of lemons

and passed people in my class during the race.

At Turn 5

At the Kink

Exiting the Kink

Entering the Kink

Just raced the next Saturday at Grattan due to rain Sunday morning

Raced both days at Gingerman in August

Finally got the carb jetting figured out

The CB350 ran great.

Worked (unsuccessfully) on the CB175 until Sunday at noon.

Somewhat less focused during my Sunday race.

I practiced on the CB350 Thursday morning at Barbers Motorsports Park

This is me (number 073) on the CB175 getting ready to practice Thursday

at Barbers Motorsport Park

(before I low-sided just after pit in on my third lap)

Second Race Season - 2013

Raced rebuilt CB350 at NOLA Near New Orleans - 4th and 5th places

Enjoyed the racing and passing a few people.

The track is really pretty easy with a lot of sweeping high speed corners.

The following weekend I raced at Talladega Gran Prix again

Because no one there had raced at NOLA, I was on the POLE !

Had fun racing with two other guys and got on the podium twice.

Second Place on Saturday (#10 placed first on 400-4)

Third Place on Sunday (light rain and nipped at the finish line by #10 on 400-4)

We only need new tires, a cam chain adjustment, valve adjustment, head bolt re-torque, and changed gearing for the CB350 to be ready for Road America in June.

The CB175 is now running PERFECTLY. The jetting and gearing for Road America was just right. It was a lot of fun to be able to easily bump start it and have it nicely high rev. The following pictures were taken during the Friday Practice session using Becky’s 973 number and no transponder.

Then it was time to take the smooth running CB350 out for a practice spin.

My 2013 times were faster and more consistent than 2012.

There was a pre-registration error which caused me to be placed in the last row 25 for the CB160 race. This meant pushing up the hill further for the bump start. It was fun to be in the LeMans start for the first time after working on the CB175 for so long.

I will need to be 73x from now on because there is now a 073 in the grid.

I need to figure out how to up shift without sitting so far forward on the seat.

We fixed up Becky’s FT500 after her low side at RA and it was running fine at Barber.

We struggled with the CB175 battery but it also ran well at Barber.

2014 Race Season (3rd)

We raced at Road America and then rushed to move across the country from Illinois to Washington. Richard raced at Miller in Utah for the first time.

2015 Race Season (4th)

Richard raced at Willow Springs and Sonoma for the first time. The CB350 was not running well but light competition allowed 4 first place finishes. We replaced the right spark plug after every race. We found a very small short in the ignition wiring after Willow which helped.

Willow Springs 1st Place Medal and Trophy

1 of 2 Sonoma 1st Place Plaques

CB160 race passing Dave Starks the track announcer      Me on the CB350 in the kink

1 of 2 First Place plaques at Miller

I passed Cindy McLean 022 on the last lap for the lead on Saturday. Won by a nose.

I passed her on the 3rd of 6 laps on Sunday and held her off for the win.

The CB350 was ready for a substantial rebuild after the season. We limped along by replacing the oil fouled right spark plug after every race. We found top end oil starvation with melted valve lifters, crystalized cam lobes, skuffed pistons, and a badly worn cam end bearing.