2013  Race Bikes


This season both of us have been racing.  Richard has been riding the CB350 in the Lightweight Production class and the CB175 in the CB 160 Le Mans start races.  Becky has been riding the Ascot in the Vintage Superbike Lightweight and CB 175 in the 200GP classes.  At some tracks we have been on the track at the same time for the first time during a race. 

Becky raced the CB175 in the 200GP race where it stalled during the race. She managed to get back to the pit and on her FT500 for the very next race in which Richard was on his CB350 in the second wave.

After working on the CB175 a lot in an RV park near Lafayette, LA, , Becky raced the CB175 at Talladega but it may have been running on only one cylinder part of the time. Richard got on the podium for the first time with exciting 2nd and 3rd place finishes on his CB350. Becky got a 3rd place on the Ascot, in the rain on Sunday.